Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Accessing Dynamics AX client using Terminal Services

Continuing my efforts to take advantage of virtualization for Dynamics AX deployment, I used Windows Server 2008 terminal services to access AX client application from another machine (with Windows Vista Ultimate). I used the normal procedure of installing terminal services from the following article:


Using the TS RemoteApp Manager on server machine, I allowed AX2009 client application to be accessed remotely by creating an .rdp file and through TS Web Access. On the client machine, I accessed the terminal server using the URL something like http://servermachine/ts (you might need to use fully qualified server machine name like servermachine.mydomain.com) and was able to see the AX client application listed in the browser window. Just click the application icon and AX client will get opened just like you are accessing it locally on the client machine.

You can also use the application specific .rdp file, change its icon (one that your normally use for AX client) and paste it on the client desktop or leave it on the shared network location as you like.

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AxWonders said...

The following link is about setting up the AX config as the EXE from TS.