Wednesday, October 13, 2010

AX4.0 to AX2009 Upgrade (Technical)

While upgrading from source (AX4.0) to target (AX2009) AX version, there are two possible types of upgrade:

Technical Upgrade
This type of upgrade is performed when there are no new customizations or product features are required.This is the most straight forward upgrade and usually take like a week or so to get completed.

Functional Upgrade
Mostly, the upgrades fall into this category as customers want business specific customizations or new product features. Depending upon the complexity of required customizations, the upgrade time will vary. Required new features are handled outside of the Upgrade project as a separate project.

Scenario (Technical Upgrade)

• Your task is to upgrade the current AX4.0 version to AX2009 in Production environment.
• The existing system does not have any customizations, so a technical upgrade is required.

Below are the steps that you will perform (these steps were practically implemented so slight variations may exist depending upon your scenario):

• Take the backup of AX4.0 database.
• Backup the application files (*.aod, *.ahd, *.ald, *.add, *.khd) from Drive:\Dynamics AX 4.0\Application\Appl folder. Please make sure to copy the files only for the respective configuration. If using standard configuration, the path should be Drive:\Dynamics AX 4.0\Application\Appl\Standard.
• Next step is to run AX2009 setup from available media.
• During installation when asked, select the existing AX4.0 database.
• After the installation is completed, install AX2009 SP1 if required.
• Start AX2009 AOS instance already created.
• Start AX2009 client. The Upgrade checklist will get displayed. Complete the steps to continue upgrading. If you find any DB synchronization errors for Dimension* tables, this is a known issue. Refer to AXUpgradeGuide.pdf on partner source to fix this issue.

In the next post, I will mention the workflow for functional upgrade using a practical scenario.

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