Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vendor master data upload using office add ins

I was having really hard time importing the vendor master records using office Adonis for AX2012. Also sent a query to Microsoft to find out how I can use out of box service VendVendTableService in Excel, but I got the feedback that unfortunately one cannot use this service as GAB services are not yet supported with add ins.

I then used the individual tables like DirPartyTable, LogisticsLocation, DirPartyLocation, DirPartyLocationRole, and VendTable in Excel. I also had to create replacement key in respective tables before I could have used them in Excel to populate with data.

After couple of hiccups, it worked really well for me and I was able to create a multiple records of Type "Person" and "Organization" in AX using Excel data publishing. I will try to compile a working document and publish it in my next post.

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umer bajwa said...

Please share the your finding.
i am facing the error (sarrogate key, primary index key) to exporting some tables.